Flexible QMS support

A quality management system (QMS) is not a set-and-forget strategy that will magically improve your business with zero input from you and your team.

Once you have designed and documented your QMS, it should be implemented throughout your entire organisation and reviewed regularly to ensure that it is fit for purpose. This is how you will achieve continual improvement and maximum customer satisfaction.

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Flexible support from NPT Management Systems

As experienced quality management consultants, we at NPT Management Systems can provide ongoing support for your business as you implement your QMS and pursue ISO 9001 certification.

Even if you're already certified, we can:

  • Assist with regular quality audits
  • Conduct management review meetings
  • Help you to cut costs
  • Improve your processes to eliminate waste

Our services are totally flexible - we have helped businesses of all sizes and across all sorts of different sectors to get more value from their management systems.

If you want to reduce your overheads and manage your resources more effectively, contact NPT Management Systems today. Our QMS experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you have.


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QMS support

Managing a quality management system (QMS) can be quite time-consuming. If you're in charge of a business and juggling all the responsibilities that entails, there may not be enough hours in the day.

But even if you can't spare the time to implement and maintain a QMS, your company can still get certified to ISO 9001. How? With the assistance of NPT Management Systems!


How we can help you

NPT Management Systems can provide resources to help you manage your QMS and support your application for ISO 9001 certification.

Our experienced ISO consultants will handle the planning, implementation and ongoing management of your QMS while you take care of the day-to-day running of your business.

With the expertise that we bring to the table, you can be sure of obtaining ISO certification and passing your annual surveillance audits with zero non-conformances.

Get ISO 9001 Certification

For more information about the QMS resources and ISO 9001 support that we can provide, please contact NPT Management Systems today.

Internal audit

Regular internal audits are key to ensuring that your organisation is meeting its quality objectives. But as costs continue to rocket up, UK businesses are quite understandably trying to save money wherever they can.

Unfortunately, this means that many companies are not able to employ permanent, full-time quality management specialists right now. The inevitable result: quality management slips down the list of priorities and the organisation falls behind on its internal audit schedule.


How NPT Management Systems can help with internal audits

If you require assistance with your internal quality audits, we at NPT Management Systems can provide a variety of internal audit resources to help you out.

We can...

  • Conduct an independent assessment of your business and its quality management system

  • Offer expert advice and recommendations

  • Provide internal audit resources to keep you on schedule and on target

  • Assist with planning and executing business improvements and future audits

Our flexible internal audit services are available on a contract or one-off basis, so instead of finding room in your budget to hire a permanent quality management officer, you can make use of our expertise as and when you need it.

Get in touch today to discuss your internal auditing requirements with an experienced quality management specialist.

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Legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough spoke to the United Nations Security Council yesterday, reminding world leaders that "climate change is the biggest threat to security that modern humans have ever faced".

David Attenborough

Photo by John Cairns (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

"I don't envy you the responsibility," he went on "that this places on all of you and your governments."

David Attenborough is of course best known as the narrator of BBC wildlife documentaries like Planet Earth, but in recent years he has been dedicating more and more of his time to raising awareness of the dire consequences of climate change.

During yesterday's virtual Security Council meeting, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson followed up Attenborough's warning with a call for action - to help the nations of the world to prepare for those consequences and work towards reducing global emissions to 'net zero'.


Do your bit for the environment

We each have a part to play in cutting emissions and turning the tide of climate change. Businesses are under particular pressure to minimise their impact on the environment - if you're unsure how to make your business greener, adopting an environmental management system (EMS) and gaining ISO 14001 certification is a good place to start.

NPT Management Systems can help you to assess your company's eco-friendliness, then plan and implement an EMS that helps you to improve in this area. Call 02380 659 867 today to discuss your organisation's requirements with an ISO 14001 specialist.

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Merry Christmas from NPT

2020 has been a hectic and challenging year for all of us, but now that the end is in sight, we at NPT Management Systems would like to pause for a moment and wish all of our clients a very happy Christmas. May your holiday season be peaceful and your new year full of everything you've been missing in recent months.

The NPT office will be closed for Christmas from 24th December. We will not be able to respond to emails or telephone messages until 4th January, when we'll return to business as usual.

Key dates at a glance

  • Thursday 24 December: Closed for Christmas
  • Monday 4 January: Open again for business as usual

Allow us to once more wish you a merry Christmas - we hope to hear from you in the new year!

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