DSNM Ltd, established in 2000, is a company that works within the superyacht industry, providing a range of both products and services to its expansive client base. Formed on the need for bespoke yacht packages, DSNM works alongside the Designated Person Ashore from a variety of yacht management companies and many private clients.

DSNM state that their ethos is built on constantly improving their service and offerings to their clients, being proactive and developing relationships that enable them to become a first choice service provider in the navigational field. With a team boasting a combined experience of 50+ years, DSNM has become a market leader within its field, so it came as no surprise when they approached us to assist with their ISO 9001 accreditation. 

Some time has passed since DSNM achieved ISO 9001 status, therefore, it was time for a surveillance audit to ensure that the practices and procedures that we helped put into place with a quality management system were still being adhered to. It's with great pleasure to announce that, with our on-going assistance, DSNM has passed their ISO 9001 audit with zero non-conformities - brilliant news! 

This is another milestone in our fantastic working relationship with DSNM who can now continue on their journey in the superyacht industry to maintain their position as market leaders.

If you require any assistance with a quality management system or with achieving ISO 9001 certification, please do not hesitate to contact NPT Management Systems today.

New Year, new business? If one of your business aims in 2019 is to achieve growth and enhance efficiency, obtaining ISO certification should be at the top of your work goals! 

By implementing a quality management system and achieving ISO accreditation, you open your business to a range of possibilities and opportunities that would not be plausible without. Such prospects include improved staff morale, enhanced business image & credibility and increased evidence for decision making.

Employees will be motivated and satisfied while working, leading to lower staff turnover rates which eliminate the need for constant re-hiring and re-training. With ISO certification, your business will stand out to others from all over the world, providing a level of marketing power that non-certified organisations do not have. A quality management system allows your business to make efficient use of evidence when making decisions, rather than relying on 'gut feeling', leading to decreased costs and areas of improvement being focused on more.

All of these things are achievable when your business becomes ISO certified, so what are you waiting for? Take a step forward with your business today! Contact us below to enquire and being your journey to obtain ISO certification in 2019!

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