New to ISO consultancy and certification?

Standards written and managed through the International Standard Organisation (ISO) allow for standards to be applied consistently across the globe. As an ISO consultant, our role is to guide you through the ISO management system implementation and certification process. The following flow chart is designed to help you make the right decisions on your route to ISO certification:

Step 1 - Ask yourself why you are doing this

There is huge difference between a management system that is implemented purely for compliance and a tailor-made management system that is workable, simple to use, and benefits the business after certification. You need to decide whether you are looking to buy immediate compliance or to invest in a system that’s designed to develop and grow with your business.

Step 2 - Your method system implementation

Self implementation - Think:

a. Do you have qualified staff who understand the requirements of the standards?
b. Are your staff able to lead change?
c. Is it the best use of your staff’s time?
d. Will you get the results you desire?

Assistance via a qualified, experienced and recommended Consultant - Contact Us

Step 3 - Your route to ISO management system certification:

Self Certification
Independent Certification
UKAS Certification
Very low cost
Certificate to show compliance
Helps to demonstrate commitment.
Certified by independent IRCA trained auditors
Certificate to show compliance
Saves approximately 25% per annum in audit fees compared to UKAS accreditation.
Certified by independent UKAS accredited certification body
Certificate to show compliance
Can be used in to satisfy contract requirements in sectors like Aerospace, Defence, Security, Automotive, Government Contracts, Marine, Recruitment, Petrochemical, Oil, Gas Telecommunications and more.

When implementing an ISO compliant management system, we recommend that you either:

  • Implement a tailor-made management system with the help of a consultant, or...
  • Buy tools and guides to help you implement the ISO compliant management system yourself.

You should not:

  • Pay for a consultant to implement a boiler plate, out-of-the-box ISO management system that simply replicates an ISO standard – you can do this yourself much cheaper by simply buying guides.

Important Points to Remember

  • The more tailored your ISO compliant management system is to meet the requirements of your business, the more compliant, efficient, future proof and ultimately user friendly the system will be.
  • Your certification choice must suit the needs of your company, taking into account its size, industry, contractual requirements and – most importantly – individual needs.
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