Promoting Excellence

At NPT Management Systems, we believe that consulting is more than just advisory information and professional guidance.

Management consultancy should be a comprehensive service that helps steer the client in the right direction, while also providing unrivalled support that is cooperative, collaborative and synergistic.

Our aim is to promote excellence and help our clients achieve nothing less. In order to do so, we aim to provide a service that fulfils a key set of principles.

NPT Management Consultancy Principles

In order to provide the best service possible, we provide our management consultancy solutions using the following key principles:

  • Responsibility - Being accountable for our actions, providing calculated advice that’s safe and sound.

  • Business Ethics - Conducting our business in a morally sound manner with professional integrity.

  • Cultural Ethics - Promoting a working culture of ethical values within our organisation.

  • Client Service - Providing a high-standard of service that achieves the desired results of the client.

  • Transparency - Supplying a service that is open, honest and candid, with full-disclosure.

  • Quality & Value - Delivering consistent high-quality to ensure client value is at its zenith.

  • Professional Development - Supporting the progression, maturation and growth of our own consultants.

  • Specialist Capabilities - Nurturing our employees to produce specialists with expert capabilities.

Benefits of NPT Management Systems

Through our own 8 principles of management consultancy, we provide a service that can help your business achieve its full potential.

By implementing a range of quality management systems in your business, you can achieve internationally-recognised ISO certification for your company.

In fact, ISO certification in particular has its own set of quality management principles that can help shape your business into a thriving success for years to come.

For more information on management system implementation and ISO certification, please get in touch with NPT Management Systems today!

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Why use a quality consultant when you can ask NPT?

We at NPT Management Systems are an experienced team of chartered quality (CQ) professionals with an outstanding track record for client satisfaction. We have helped businesses of all sizes to plan and implement highly effective management systems that improve output and get all members of the company working in harmony.

CQ Professionals NPT Management Systems

Hiring a seasoned CQ professional to help you implement your new management system is a great way to ensure that the process goes smoothly with minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your organisation. Here's what some of our previous clients had to say about the assistance they received from the CQ consultants here at NPT Management Systems:

"NPT offered us a friendly, practical consultancy service to ensure that we remain compliant with our ISO standards for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001."

- Doug L'Estrange, InstaGroup

"NPT's CQ professionals helped us put all the systems and policies in place to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Thank you NPT Management Systems, keep up the good work!"

- Neil Monckton, Gecko Metal Works

"After talking to several consultants, which was extremely time-consuming, we chose NPT Management Systems. After working with them for the last 12 months, we can confidently say that we made the right decision. We now have a quality management system that is used by the whole company on a day-to-day basis, and our staff have the system, tools and training to help us deliver the right products on time to our customers."

- Hadley Smith, Anchor Systems

We can assist with all types of management systems across virtually all industry sectors, including marine, defence, recruitment, sales, manufacturing, engineering, and many others. If you would like to know more about our CQ professionals and how they may be able to help you improve your organisation, please contact NPT Management Systems today.

2016 has been a very busy year for us here at NPT Management Systems. Here's a quick look back at some of our biggest successes:

  • Our year got off to a good start when our clients Imperial Car Supermarkets were recommended for ISO 9001 after an intensive 4-day audit by a UKAS-accredited certification body. Neil Smith, the company's Operations Director, said "I cannot fault NPT's commitment to this project".

  • Less than a month later, we got some more good news from another client: after implementing a new quality management system with the help of our experienced quality consultants, Gecko Metal Works (based in Eastleigh, near Southampton) had been recommended for ISO 9001 certification as well. Neil Monckton from Gecko said "NPT Management Systems have helped us to put all the systems and policies in place to achieve ISO 9001 certification. We have found their help and knowledge to be exceptional."

  • We helped a number of businesses within the UK marine sector this year, including David Store Navigational Management and Baker Trayte Marine. Both businesses earned ISO 9001 accreditation with our assistance, and both were very pleased with the service we provided.

  • We played an active role in Southampton's local community this year, sponsoring the beach volleyball event at the 2016 River Hamble Games and providing hi-vis clothing for the junior sailing class instructors and helpers at the Hamble River Sailing Club. As our Principal Consultant Neil Peattie put it, these gestures were "a real sign of our passion for supporting the marine sector as a whole, not just its businesses".

  • One thing we did a lot of in 2016 was helping ISO-certified companies to transition to the relatively new ISO 9001:2015 standard. Companies such as Sterling Defence (based in Eastleigh), Anchor Systems (based in West Sussex), and NEKK Europe Ltd (based just outside Basingstoke) all came to us for help with the transition, and each business stated how impressed they were with the level of expertise we brought to the process.

2016 has been a very prosperous year for NPT Management Systems, and we of course hope that we'll be just as busy in 2017. We'd like to wish all of our clients and associates a very happy new year, and remember: if you need any assistance with your quality management system in 2017, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Baker Trayte Marine Ltd

As regular visitors to our website will know, we at NPT Management Systems frequently work with clients in the UK marine industry. For example, back in March we told you about Baker Trayte Marine, a Hampshire-based company offering a variety of specialist marine services; we helped them to implement a robust quality management system (QMS) and pass their stage 1 ISO 9001 certification audit with zero non-conformances raised.

Well, our Principal Consultant Neil Peattie recently returned to the Baker Trayte office to assist with another audit that was being carried out by the company's certification body. This was Baker Trayte Marine's first audit since they achieved certification in March, and we're pleased to report that, once again, everything went smoothly and no non-conformances were raised.

Here's what Baker Trayte Marine's Quality Representative had to say after the audit had been completed:

"Neil assisted with our recent audit and it all went very smoothly. Neil's assistance since we first commenced on the ISO path has been invaluable; with his guidance, the process has been straightforward, and we would highly recommend his services. Thanks Neil - we couldn't have done it without you!"

We at NPT Management Systems have the knowledge and experience to help your company achieve ISO 9001 certification. We can also help you to maintain your QMS and keep it at a very high standard going forward, just as we did for Baker Trayte Marine.

NPT Management Systems are based in Southampton, and our quality consultants work with clients all over Hampshire and the surrounding counties. Call 02380 659 867 or email to discuss your requirements.

Our Principal Consultant Neil Peattie graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Master's degree in Strategic Quality Management. Obtaining this qualification was a very important step on Neil's path to becoming one of Hampshire's leading quality consultants, and earlier this month, he returned to the University of Portsmouth to speak to the students currently enrolled on the MSc Strategic Quality Management course.

During Neil's visit, he shared his industry knowledge with the SQM students and offered professional advice based on his years of experience providing a quality consultancy service for clients right across the South of England. He also answered a range of queries from the students themselves in a wide-ranging Q&A session. SQM lecturer Andrea Foley was very pleased with how the session went, stating:

"The students appreciate the insights visiting speakers, such as Neil, bring to the course and their engagement was evident during his Q&A session."

At NPT Management Systems we are keen to maintain a strong relationship with the University of Portsmouth and specifically the SQM course going forward, as this is where the next generation of quality professionals are developing their knowledge and taking it into the industry. Neil's recent visit left him confident that the future is very bright indeed!

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