ISO 9001 for a Small Business

If you thought that ISO 9001 certification was exclusively a matter for large companies with hundreds of employees, think again. Even very small businesses can benefit from implementing a quality management system (QMS) and gaining ISO accreditation - here are just a few reasons why:

  • Stand out from the competition - One of the biggest challenges for any small startup (but especially those in crowded, competitive markets) is establishing a firm industry presence and convincing customers that they will get something from your business that they won't get elsewhere. Working to attain 'ISO 9001 certified' status or small businesses is a great way to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your exceptional quality to your target audience.

  • Win more business - ISO 9001 certification won't just make you a more attractive prospect to potential clients - it will also open up new opportunities that would not have been available to you otherwise. ISO 9001 is a mandatory requirement for many contracts in many different sectors, and if you want those contracts to go to your company, implementing an ISO-compliant QMS is the only way to make it happen.

  • Work more efficiently - You might think that a small business with few employees would not need a special management system to get every part of the organisation singing in harmony, but a good QMS can have a big impact regardless of business size. Implementing a QMS that meets ISO 9001 requirements will reduce waste, improve communication, and ultimately boost overall customer satisfaction - all key concerns for a business that's looking to grow.

Contact NPT Management Systems today to find out how our expert ISO consultants can help you to put together a winning QMS and get certified. Be sure to read our Testimonials to find out how we've helped other small businesses to achieve their goals through ISO 9001 status.

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Recognised in all industry sectors all over the world, ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. It serves as a framework that allows any organisation of any size in any field to implement an effective quality management system (QMS) and consistently improve quality over time.

Planning and implementing an ISO 9001-compliant QMS is a smart move for any business owner because of the following benefits:

  • It focuses efforts on delivering high-quality products/services and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • It ensures that every part of your organisation is working towards the same goal
  • It helps to eliminate waste throughout your operations
  • It establishes a system for continuous improvement within your business

Once your QMS is in place, you will need to apply for ISO 9001 certification by using an independent UKAS-accredited body. Of course, you will still benefit from the implementation of a well-planned QMS even if you choose not to get certified, but gaining ISO 9001 certification is useful because:

  • It is a requirement for winning work in certain sectors
  • It forces you to maintain your QMS in order to pass surveillance audits
  • Most importantly, it demonstrates to potential customers/clients that you are a high-quality business

If you are interested in implementing a quality management system and getting your company ISO-certified, contact NPT Management Systems today - we work with businesses throughout the South of England, and we specialise in ISO 9001 certification.

Testimonials from our clients

Still wondering why it's so important to get certified? Here are some quotes from business owners who achieved ISO 9001 certification with the help of NPT Management Systems:

"We now provide maximum value to our customers, as we are able to see where waste occurs and have been trained to eliminate it quickly." - Rule Twenty Six

"We have seen an increase in repeat business and recommendations." - Racing Snake Yacht Charters

"We now have the systems to monitor quality and delivery issues, and the tools and skills to fix them." - Baker Trayte Marine Ltd

"The cost of implementing our quality management system will be repaid by the savings it has created within a very short period." - Level Developments

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The 2017 Auto Trader Click Awards took place in London at the end of last month, and we were very pleased to hear that our clients Imperial Car Supermarkets had walked away from the ceremony with not one but TWO trophies to show for it.

Imperial Car Supermarkets at the Auto Trader Click Awards 2017

The Click Awards are held once a year, and they recognise digital excellence within the motor retail industry. ICS scooped the following titles, bringing their grand total to 5 awards in just 3 years:

  • Data Driven Retailer of the Year (Franchise & Supermarkets)
  • Digital Retailer of the Year (Supermarkets)

As we've mentioned previously here on the NPT blog, Imperial Car Supermarkets are among the many companies whom we have assisted with the planning and implementation of quality management systems. ICS achieved ISO 9001 certification in early 2016, and passed their first surveillance audit early this year with zero non-conformances raised.

Our contribution to Imperial's success was recognised by the company's Operations Director Neil Smith in a note on his LinkedIn profile (posted shortly after the award ceremony): 

Neil Smith on LinkedIn

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Imperial Car Supermarkets on their double win and wish them every success going forward.

If you need assistance with your quality management system, get in touch with the ISO 9001 experts here at NPT Management Systems today.

Save on the Cost of ISO 9001 Certification

Achieving ISO 9001 certification can be a huge boon for a business. Not only does this accreditation inspire confidence in potential customers, but it can also open the door to a number of lucrative contracts (in the UK defence industry, for instance) that specify ISO certification as a requirement.

However, many companies that potentially stand to benefit from ISO 9001 certification shy away from pursuing because of the cost. If you're worried that ISO 9001 certification will put too big a dent in your organisation's finances, we at NPT Management Systems may be able to help...

How we can help you to save money

We have been helping businesses to secure ISO 9001 certification for many years, and during our time in this industry, we have forged close ties to a number of independent UKAS-accredited certification bodies. Getting certified via one of these bodies is one of the most costly parts of the ISO 9001 process, but interestingly, not all certification bodies charge the same amount - and that's where we come in.

If you get in touch with NPT Management Systems and explain your certification requirements to a member of our team, we will gather certification quotes from the many UKAS-accredited bodies to whom we have ties. We will then pass the best quotations along to you so that you can make a final decision.

This comparison service is totally free of charge. If you'd like to find out more regarding the cost of iso 9001 certification, please email today.

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