Quality audit

A quality audit involves reviewing an existing quality management system (QMS) with a view to improving that system. The audit can be carried out by qualified personnel within the organisation - this is called an internal quality audit - or by an external auditor.

Quality audits should be carried out on a regular basis in order to ensure that the QMS in question is meeting its goals and operating as intended.

Why are quality audits important?

You can't know whether or not your company's quality management system is working without conducting periodic reviews. This is why frequent quality audits are necessary - they give you repeated opportunities to optimise and refine your QMS in order to get better results.

Employing a full-time quality expert to conduct regular quality audits is an expense that many businesses cannot afford right now. Here at NPT Management Systems, we offer a specialist QMS consultancy service on a flexible contract basis - give us a call on 02380 659 867 to find out how we can help you.

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QMS consultant

Delivering a quality service isn't a task that's ever finished. Once you've implemented a quality management system (QMS) and gained ISO 9001 certification, you must keep working hard to meet the requirements of your QMS and achieve continuous improvement.

However, many businesses - especially in the current economic climate - find that they cannot afford to employ a permanent in-house quality manager. If this is the case for you, your organisation may benefit more from working with an external QMS consultant who can provide expert advice and assistance as and when you need it.

What a QMS consultant can do for your company:

  • Work with you to use quality management to support the strategic direction of your business

  • Use Lean and Six Sigma tools to achieve process objectives

  • Provide training in internal auditing and continuous improvement to help your staff manage and improve the quality management system

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Neil Peattie from NPT Management Systems is a qualified QMS consultant with many years of experience across a variety of industries. Contract and consultancy work welcome - call 02380 659 867 to discuss your requirements.

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Insurance umbrella

Businesses all over the world are in an unstable position right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many insurers are bringing in extra requirements for their policyholders - it was already common for insurers to request a business continuity plan, but in these unprecedented times, additional measures are necessary to safeguard your organisation's future and put insurers at ease.


Infection Prevention & Control Management System

Implementing an Infection Prevention & Control Management System will help you to minimise the risk of coronavirus transmission within your organisation.

Many insurers now require an Infection Prevention & Control Management System. NPT Management Systems can provide an infection control policy for your company and assist with the implementation of your new system.

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Return-to-Work Risk Assessments

In addition to keeping your insurer happy, the law requires you to protect your employees (and other people) from harm while they're on your premises.

In order to provide a safe working environment for your staff, we recommend that you carry out a return-to-work risk assessment before asking your team to return to the office. NPT Management Systems can provide this service as well, helping you to identify possible risks and areas of concern.

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Sad face and happy face

Receiving a complaint or a negative review from an unsatisfied customer is always disappointing, but customer complaints can be helpful - they let you know what areas of your business you need to improve.

One of the services NPT Management Systems can provide is assistance with resolving product quality issues, including addressing customer complaints. We are specialist quality consultants with many years of experience in all sorts of different sectors, so we can help you to tackle problems that may be adversely affecting your customer experience.

We offer flexible contract support to help you achieve continuous improvement without needing to employ your own full-time quality management specialist. Our areas of expertise include:

If you need help resolving customer complaints and product quality issues, call NPT Management Systems on 02380 659 867 to discuss your requirements.

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