As of 15 September 2018, ISO 9001:2008 certificates will no longer be valid. That deadline is now just a few short months away, and many companies are therefore rushing to get certified under ISO 9001:2015, the latest version of the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems.

One company that won't need to rush is Cobra Hydro UK, a British business specialising in odour control systems and sludge dosing applications.

Cobra Hydro UK

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The Cobra Hydro team approached NPT Management Systems earlier this year and asked us to help them transition to ISO 9001:2015. We're pleased to announce that the transition was successful, and that Cobra Hydro are now completely up to date with their certification.

Here's what Cobra Hydro UK's Quality Manager Lisa Reeves had to say about the transition:

"We contacted NPT Management Systems due to their good reviews on Google and their location, which is close to our offices. We have held ISO certification since 2001, but we found transitioning to the new standard quite daunting.

"Neil was able to put a system in place that was user-friendly and suitable for the business. Neil has always made himself available on the phone, via email and in person.

"We have successfully been recommended for ISO 9001:2015, which - a few months ago - we weren't sure was possible. We will continue to work with NPT to establish our current system and work towards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001."

- Lisa Reeves, Quality Manager

In addition to helping Cobra Hydro UK with the ISO 9001:2015 transition process, we also helped the company to save money by identifying a more cost-effective choice of certification body and assisting them with the switch.

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