Based in Southampton, NPT Management Systems work with clients across the South of England.

ISO Consultants in the South of England

If you are looking for an experienced local consultant who can help you and your company to achieve ISO certification - whether that's ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or a different family of standards - then look no further: NPT Management Systems can help you.

We are a Southampton-based team of ISO consultants specialising in the planning and implementation of:

  • Quality management systems (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental management systems (ISO 14001)
  • Information security management systems (ISO 27001)
  • Occupational health and safety management systems (OHSAS 18001, also known as ISO 18001)

We work with clients throughout the South of England, helping them to implement robust management systems that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of the organisation in question. We then help our clients to apply for the relevant ISO certification via an independent UKAS-accredited body. We have an outstanding track record - time and again, we have proven ourselves capable of helping clients to achieve ISO certification with zero non-conformances on the first attempt.

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Areas we cover

We work with businesses all over Southern England, including (but not limited to) the following locations:

  • Southampton
  • London
  • Brighton
  • Portsmouth
  • Bristol
  • Reading
  • Oxford
  • Bournemouth

We work closely with each and every client to ensure the best possible outcome for their organisation. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach ISO certification; rather, we endeavour to understand the specific requirements and idiosyncrasies of each client's operation, then provide a management system that takes these into account.

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Ice cream melting in the heat

We've been having some very hot weather here in Britain over the last few days, and while it's a great excuse for a barbecue or a trip to the seaside, this heatwave does potentially pose a few problems for businesses - and not just because it's unpleasant to be cooped up in an office when the temperature's soaring.

Many companies deal with temperature-sensitive materials such as:

  • Chemicals, paints, glues etc.
  • Plastic and rubber mouldings
  • Electrical components
  • Medical products
  • Ink cartridges

For those who deal in these and other goods, periods of unusually hot or cold weather can be very challenging. It may become difficult to regulate the temperatures at which goods are stored and transported, and overheating can be catastrophic in certain cases.

The proper management of temperature-sensitive materials is one of the many concerns that should be addressed as part of a comprehensive, ISO 9001-compliant quality management system (QMS). A well-designed and properly-implemented QMS should take every aspect of your business into account, safeguarding quality and customer satisfaction at every stage of every process across every part of the organisation.

The experienced quality consultants here at NPT Management Systems can help you to plan and implement a highly effective quality management system that meets the requirements for ISO 9001 certification and the unique, specific needs of your business. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Plane at the airport

British Airways found themselves in hot water last month when an IT systems failure forced the airline to cancel hundreds of flights, leaving approximately 75,000 passengers stranded at Heathrow and Gatwick airports during the bank holiday weekend. The company issued a statement blaming the outage on a 'power surge', but a number of data centre experts have disputed that claim, and this calamitous disruption has drawn yet more attention to numerous IT failings throughout the industry at large.

For example, here's a quote from a Guardian article published on the 30th of May 2017 (a few days on from the IT failure):

"The airline industry is notorious for running outdated infrastructure long after standards have improved. In December, for instance, it was revealed that passenger booking systems used by multiple airlines were easy prey for hackers."

The fallout from this incident is still causing problems for British Airways, and their parent company IAG has reportedly lost £170 million in value since the bank holiday weekend, making this whole mess a particularly severe illustration of the importance of ensuring the smooth and secure operation of your company's IT systems.

Whether you run a huge corporation like BA or a small business serving a small, local customer base, you need to make sure your computer systems are safeguarded from attacks and outages. As part of this effort, we strongly recommend planning and implementing an information security management system (ISMS) that conforms to ISO 27001 standards.

Need help putting an ISMS in place and achieving ISO 27001 certification? Contact NPT Management Systems today to discuss your requirements with our ISO experts.

Printer paper

Monday 5th June 2017 was World Environment Day. Organised by the UN, World Environment Day is an annual day for "encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment"; it was first held in 1974, and it has only become more relevant and more important as the environment has changed and environmental threats have been brought into sharper focus.

Since the news is currently saturated with election news and other big stories, you may well have missed that it was World Environment Day earlier this week. However, there's no wrong time to think green, so in the spirit of World Environment Day 2017, here are 3 quick tips for making your business that little bit greener:

1. Look everywhere for opportunities to save energy.

When it comes to reducing energy usage, every little helps. Look for places where electricity is being wasted on your premises, even in small amounts: are you leaving lights on when it isn't necessary? Are people forgetting to turn their computer monitors off at the end of the day? Are you turning the heating on when it isn't needed, or leaving it on even once everyone's warmed up? This attitude - looking everywhere for possible improvements - can be applied to all kinds of other wastage, too. Are you using too much printer paper? Failing to recycle office waste properly? Handing out printed payslips when you could be using an electronic system?

2. Switch to eco-friendly products.

Many common workplace items can be replaced with more environmentally sound alternatives if you're so inclined. Look for recycled printer paper, energy-efficient light bulbs, and computers (and/or whatever other machines you rely on) with good energy ratings. Again, look all over your premises and ask yourself which of the things you see could be swapped for something greener.

3. Implement an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system.

ISO 14001 is the globally-recognised standard for environmental management systems, and if you plan and implement an EMS that complies with ISO 14001 requirements, you will be ensuring that your organisation is minimising waste and limiting environmental impact.

If you need help implementing an environmental management system and achieving ISO 14001 certification, please call NPT Management Systems on 02380 659 867 or email to discuss your company's requirements.