Our Principal Consultant Neil Peattie graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Master's degree in Strategic Quality Management. Obtaining this qualification was a very important step on Neil's path to becoming one of Hampshire's leading quality consultants, and earlier this month, he returned to the University of Portsmouth to speak to the students currently enrolled on the MSc Strategic Quality Management course.

During Neil's visit, he shared his industry knowledge with the SQM students and offered professional advice based on his years of experience providing a quality consultancy service for clients right across the South of England. He also answered a range of queries from the students themselves in a wide-ranging Q&A session. SQM lecturer Andrea Foley was very pleased with how the session went, stating:

"The students appreciate the insights visiting speakers, such as Neil, bring to the course and their engagement was evident during his Q&A session."

At NPT Management Systems we are keen to maintain a strong relationship with the University of Portsmouth and specifically the SQM course going forward, as this is where the next generation of quality professionals are developing their knowledge and taking it into the industry. Neil's recent visit left him confident that the future is very bright indeed!

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If your business is based in Southampton and you're looking for an experienced quality consultant with an outstanding professional track record, look no further than NPT Management Systems, Hampshire's leading ISO specialists.

We provide a wide range of services, from periodical quality management reviews to our full ISO 9001 certification service. Whether you are seeking to compose and implement an ISO-compliant quality management system (QMS) from scratch or simply evaluate and improve the QMS you're already using, our skilled and personable quality consultants - who are based in Southampton and work with organisations throughout the entire Hampshire area - mean that we are the people to call. We have experience of many different industry sectors, and we will ensure that your quality management system is specifically tailored to your company's unique requirements.

Here's what one of our Southampton-based clients, Fish Guidance Systems, had to say about NPT Management Systems after we helped them to gain ISO 9001 accreditation:

"Achieving ISO 9001 certification was made considerably easier with the invaluable help of NPT Management Systems. The assessor from our UKAS-accredited certification body said, 'This is a very well-written QMS with excellent documentation and good traceability throughout.' We wouldn't have achieved this without Neil Peattie's constant enthusiasm and commitment."

To discuss your company's requirements with one of our experienced quality consultants, please call NPT Management Systems on 02380 659 867 or email enquiries@nptmanagementsystems.co.uk.

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If you're looking to implement a new quality management system - or overhaul your organisation's existing QMS - then it's a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced quality consultant. Here at NPT Management Systems, we offer a professional consultancy service that's geared towards meeting your company's specific needs and helping you to create a quality management system that's tailored to the way you work.

Our quality consultants have helped countless businesses in Portsmouth and the wider Hampshire area to fine-tune their quality management systems and achieve ISO 9001 certification. If you are already ISO 9001 accredited, we can help with migrating your QMS to the updated ISO 9001:2015 standard or simply look at ways in which you could be saving money and eliminating waste within your system (see our Already Certified page for details).

We have experience across a wide variety of industry sectors, and we are confident that we are the very best choice for businesses in Portsmouth seeking a quality consultant. Call 02380 659 867 or email enquiries@nptmanagementsystems.co.uk to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants - we are happy to visit clients in Portsmouth and the surrounding area if required.

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We've often spoken about the way in which ISO 9001 certification can instil confidence in consumers and encourage them to purchase from you instead of from your competitors. But this globally-recognised accreditation can also be a huge boon to organisations who rely on B2B (business-to-business) custom. An ISO-accredited quality management system will give your clients a little extra peace of mind when they choose to do business with you, but beyond that, ISO 9001 certification is actually a requirement for many contracts across a variety of different sectors.

Here's just one example. Early in 2016, we helped Gecko Metal Works to implement a new quality management system and achieve that all-important ISO 9001 certification. Gecko provide specialist sheet metal work services such as laser profiling and folding, and now that they are ISO-certified, they are able to bid for lucrative government / military contracts that they were previously locked out of.

ISO 9001 accreditation is a mandatory requirement for many different contracts nowadays, so no matter what industry you're in, we're confident that achieving ISO certification will help you to win new business for your company.

The experienced quality consultants here at NPT Management Systems can help you to get certified, and we can also help with pre-qualification questionnaires - please contact us today to discuss your organisation's requirements.


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Over the years, we at NPT Management Systems have worked with a wide range of businesses in an even wider range of industry sectors. Our speciality is helping organisations to achieve ISO 9001 certification, but even if you're not interested in acquiring this globally-recognised mark of quality, there are still a number of ways in which our experienced quality consultants may be able to help you.

Quality consultant Neil Peattie

Pictured: Principal Consultant Neil Peattie

Here are just a few examples of how our expert guidance could benefit your business:

  • No quality management system? Whether or not you wish to apply for ISO certification via a UKAS-accredited body, implementing a robust quality management system (QMS) will still have huge benefits for your organisation. Our expert quality consultants will help you to plan and implement a QMS that's perfectly tailored to your business, thereby improving your processes, boosting customer satisfaction, and minimising waste.

  • Already ISO 9001 certfied? Just because your existing QMS meets ISO 9001 requirements doesn't necessarily mean it can't be improved. Our quality consultants are able to carry out a full review of your current quality management system and help you to get more from it, e.g. by saving you money or replacing your QMS with a system that's better-suited to your specific niche.

  • Seeking ISO certification? As mentioned above, we have an outstanding track record when it comes to ISO 9001 certification. Time and again, we have shown that we can get our clients recommended for certification with zero non-conformances raised, so if your goal is to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation, we are the people to call.

Our quality consultants work with businesses across the South of England. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.