We helped Fish Guidance Systems to develop a QMS and achieve ISO 9001 certification.

From time to time, we at NPT Management Systems enjoy sharing our success stories, and that's exactly what we'd like to do today. Fish Guidance Systems are based in Lower Swanwick, Southampton, and they specialise in behavioural systems that deflect or guide fish away from water intakes, usually through the use of acoustic equipment or lighting. The company boasts a global network of local agents and representatives, and achieving ISO 9001 certification was a key part of their overall business strategy.

In order to demonstrate the company's continuing commitment to quality and reliability, Dr David Lambert - the Managing Director of Fish Guidance Systems - approached NPT Management Systems to request our assistance with pursuing ISO 9001 certification. Fish Guidance Systems already had a number of quality assurance procedures in place, but the ISO 9001 standard sets out some very specific guidelines, and so our Principal Consultant Neil Peattie worked with Dr Lambert and his team of engineers and scientists to ensure that these standards were met in a single, all-encompassing quality management system.

Once this had been accomplished, we helped the company to apply to a UKAS-accredited body for certification. Happily,the UKAS assessment went swimmingly, and Fish Guidance Systems achieved ISO 9001 certification.

Here's what Dr Lambert had to say about the services we provided:

"Achieving ISO 9001 certification was made considerably easier with the invaluable help of NPT Management Systems.The assessor from our UKAS-accredited certification body summarised the audit by saying, 'This is a very well-written quality management system, with excellent documentation and good traceability throughout.' We wouldn't have achieved this without Neil's constant enthusiasm, commitment, and support."

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