Neil Peattie is the Principal Consultant here at NPT Management Systems. Neil's professional journey started in the 1990s, when he worked as a Trainee Engineer at Airdri Ltd; this role gave him the unique opportunity to learn core business skills from experienced professionals. Now, Neil is highly qualified and experienced in the profession of quality management and ISO 9001/ISO 14001 management system implementation.

Neil's journey to date could be seen as a reflection of his driven commitment to personal and business improvement. His background in the medical device and defence industry (combined with his manufacturing and business leadership experience) gives him a real advantage when leading process and product improvement programmes forward. Neil was trained as a Six Sigma Green Belt by Air Academy Associates in the USA, and his rapid problem solving skills and change management techniques help him to enable those around him to achieve their goals.

Today, as a Chartered Quality professional with a Master's Degree in Strategic Quality Management, Neil can be found helping a variety of businesses to achieve their quality goals.

Have a look at our recent customer reviews to learn more about the work Neil has done recently. Typical services include:

  • Implementing and maintaining quality management systems to meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards
  • Quality management system audits
  • Vendor appraisal
  • Source inspection
  • Writing quality plans
  • Programme auditing
  • Assuring product quality
  • Documentation design
  • Change management
  • Working to allied quality assurance procedures (AQAPs)
  • Teaching, lecturing and holding seminars
  • Problem solving training
  • Improving product first pass yield
  • Environmental site audits

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Neil Peattie, our Principal Consultant, attended a two-day ISO 9001:2015 auditor transition course this week. This IRCA-certified course was designed to bring qualified ISO 9001 consultants up to speed with the latest revision of the global standard, and it culminated in a written examination, which we're pleased to announce that Neil passed with flying colours!

All of which is just another example of our commitment to training and advancement here at NPT Management Systems. We know that our industry is always changing, and we make it a priority to ensure that our knowledge and skills are totally up-to-date at all times. As you may be aware, ISO 9001 is just one of our many specialist areas; we also help businesses to implement ISO 14001-compliant environmental management systems, ISO 27001-compliant information security management systems, continual improvement programmes, and so on. In order to provide each of these services, our consultants are required to be aware of the latest developments and in possession of any relevant qualifications.

This is a big part of makes NPT Management Systems stand out from the competition. When you look for a consultant, it's important to check their professional qualifications - many consultants in our industry have few or no qualifications with any relevance to ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 9001:2015 auditing at all. We at NPT, on the other hand, are fully qualified to design and implement a wide variety of high-quality management systems.

Furthermore, we are exceptionally quick to familiarise ourselves with new areas of expertise as soon as they arise; for example, Neil is actually one of the very first people to have passed the aforementioned ISO 9001:2015 course, a fact of which we’re rightly proud!

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We helped Fish Guidance Systems to develop a QMS and achieve ISO 9001 certification.

From time to time, we at NPT Management Systems enjoy sharing our success stories, and that's exactly what we'd like to do today. Fish Guidance Systems are based in Lower Swanwick, Southampton, and they specialise in behavioural systems that deflect or guide fish away from water intakes, usually through the use of acoustic equipment or lighting. The company boasts a global network of local agents and representatives, and achieving ISO 9001 certification was a key part of their overall business strategy.

In order to demonstrate the company's continuing commitment to quality and reliability, Dr David Lambert - the Managing Director of Fish Guidance Systems - approached NPT Management Systems to request our assistance with pursuing ISO 9001 certification. Fish Guidance Systems already had a number of quality assurance procedures in place, but the ISO 9001 standard sets out some very specific guidelines, and so our Principal Consultant Neil Peattie worked with Dr Lambert and his team of engineers and scientists to ensure that these standards were met in a single, all-encompassing quality management system.

Once this had been accomplished, we helped the company to apply to a UKAS-accredited body for certification. Happily,the UKAS assessment went swimmingly, and Fish Guidance Systems achieved ISO 9001 certification.

Here's what Dr Lambert had to say about the services we provided:

"Achieving ISO 9001 certification was made considerably easier with the invaluable help of NPT Management Systems.The assessor from our UKAS-accredited certification body summarised the audit by saying, 'This is a very well-written quality management system, with excellent documentation and good traceability throughout.' We wouldn't have achieved this without Neil's constant enthusiasm, commitment, and support."

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We do more than just implement ISO management systems!

When you're looking to improve and grow your business, it's easy to focus on one process at a time while ignoring the bigger picture of your company as a whole. Improving processes in isolation may not yield the results you want; instead, we recommend that you implement a continuous improvement programme that is linked to the strategic direction of your business.

ISO 9001 certification isn't the only service that we offer here at NPT Management Systems. We can also help you to design and implement a comprehensive business improvement programme that will simplify and perfect all of your processes while synchronising your efforts with the overall direction of the company.

And that's not all: we also deliver exercise-focused training sessions to help you and your employees to get more from your continuous improvement programme. We can provide a wide range of training topics - here are a few examples of what we can provide:

  • Identifying process problems and waste
  • Root cause analysis
  • Process mapping
  • Cause and effect diagrams
  • Change management tools and techniques

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