We at NPT Management Systems have helped businesses in all sorts of different industries to implement highly compliant quality management systems and achieve ISO 9001 certification. One such industry is the engineering sector - engineering firms from all over the South of England have come to us for assistance with their QMS requirements.

Putting an effective quality management system into place and gaining ISO 9001 accreditation is a step that many engineering companies feel it necessary to take. ISO 9001 certification is a requirement for many contracts, and the benefits of a QMS (e.g. reduced wastage, improved efficiency and customer satisfaction) can be enormous.

If you need help implementing a quality management system within your organisation, please contact NPT Management Systems now to discuss your requirements.

Case Study: GT Tooling

GT Tooling

Based in Fareham, near Portsmouth, GT Tooling are a precision mechanical engineering firm who specialise in designing and manufacturing injection mould tools. They contacted NPT Management Systems some time ago because they needed to achieve ISO 9001 certification - here's what Managing Director Greg Simmonds had to say about working with us:

"We initial used NPT Management Systems to help us implement a quality management system and achieve ISO 9001 registration. We now continue to use them to help maintain our QMS. We would recommend NPT to any company looking for a professional quality consultant!"

View more testimonials // Visit GT Tooling website

Business management

Broadly speaking, a management system is simply a set of processes and company policies that is designed to help an organisation achieve a particular goal. That goal could be anything from improving customer satisfaction to reducing waste and being more environmentally-friendly.

There are many different types of management systems, and companies all over the world use them in various combinations to drive consistent improvement and ensure maximise efficiency. Here are some of the most common management system types:

  • Quality Management System - Focuses on meeting customer requirements and maintaining high quality across all products/services. The international standard for quality management systems is ISO 9001.

  • Environmental Management System - Focuses on minimising the environmental impact of the company's operations (making the organisation greener, in other words). The international standard for environmental management systems is ISO 14001.

  • Information Security Management System - Focuses on keeping information (e.g. financial information, passwords, personal details) secure. The international standard for information security management systems is ISO 27001.

  • Energy Management System - Focuses on reducing energy usage within the organisation. The international standard for energy management systems is ISO 50001.

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System - Focuses on protecting the health and safety of everyone within the organisation, as well as members of the public who may be affected by the company's operations. The current standard for health and safety management systems is OHSAS 18001 (also known as ISO 18001), although ISO are currently developing a new standard called ISO 45001.

If your organisation needs help implementing any combination of the above management systems, please contact ISO experts NPT Management Systems today.

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