Save Money ISO 9001

When you want to get ISO accreditation for your company, you have to do so via a UKAS-accredited certification body. There are hundreds of certification companies out there, all offering the same service as one another, but they don't all charge the same - far from it! Often, there will be a HUGE disparity in costs between two certification bodies.

Here at NPT, we have years of experience of matching the right certification body to the right client, helping people to achieve their certification goals at very competitive rates. Now we are challenging you - if you hold ISO 9001 certification with a UKAS-accredited certification company, give us the opportunity to see how much money we could help you to save by matching you with the right certification body. Here's what to do:

  • Email with your contact details and we'll get back in touch to start the quotation process.

  • Speak to one of our expert consultants about your current ISO certification arrangement.

  • We will then gather quotes from other UKAS-accredited bodies and recommend the company that can offer you the best deal.

We do not charge for this service - we just want to help you to save money. Whether you ultimately decide to transfer certification bodies is up to you!

Is it worth transferring certification bodies?

Yes - very often it is! Transferring is in most cases a painless and straightforward process, and we have seen some clients save thousands of pounds over a 3-year certification period after making a switch.

To start saving on your certification body costs now, simply contact NPT and we will help to obtain quotes to see how much you could save.