ISO 9001, managed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), is an international standard that organisations and businesses follow when implementing a QMS (quality management system). As such, it is able to be utilised by any service or manufacturing company in any industry sector. AS9100, however, is designed for exclusive use by defence, aviation and space organisations, often known as the aerospace industry and is managed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IACG) and the Aerospace Department of SAE International. So, what does the AS9100 standard consist of that makes it different from ISO 9001? Let's find out! 

AS9100 Structure 

The structure of the AS9100 standard has been built on the foundations created by the ISO 9001 standard, as this has become the fundamental requirement for implementing a QMS for many organisations around the globe. The AS9100 standard takes the same requirements found in ISO 9001 and simply adds additional notes throughout. As a result, it would be feasible to implement a QMS that is compliant with ISO 9001, with the implementation of these additional requirements that apply only to a smaller division of your company that engages with the aerospace industry. 

AS9100 Additional Requirements 

One of the major additions that the AS9100 standard focuses on is in the requirements for 'planning for product realisation', which includes a greater emphasis on risk and product management, control of work transfers, and configuration management of products. Risk identification and assessment are seen as essential components within the aerospace community, therefore these are carried throughout each requirement of the standard.

Another addition occurs in the 'design and development' section of the standard. Additional prescriptive requirements for testing and documentation are included as well as instructions for design validation and verification. This section of design changes is linked back to the added section on configuration management. 

The largest amount of change occurs in the 'product and service provision' section of the standard, which sees the biggest difference in implementation from industry to industry. A number of important requirements involve control of changes to production processes, support after delivery and specific product preservation methods such as shelf life control, which are common within the aerospace industry.

Application of AS9100

These are just a number of the many additional requirements that AS9100 adds to the IS0 9001 standard for the specific use within the aerospace industry. As a result, these added requirements have little application outside of the industry. If you have parts of your company that are related to this industry or are thinking about adding departments which focus on the aerospace industry, taking the time to look into the possibility of adding the specialised requirements may be of some benefit and a good first step. 

If you require any assistance with a quality management system or with achieving ISO 9001 certification, please do not hesitate to contact NPT Management Systems today.

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DSNM Ltd, established in 2000, is a company that works within the superyacht industry, providing a range of both products and services to its expansive client base. Formed on the need for bespoke yacht packages, DSNM works alongside the Designated Person Ashore from a variety of yacht management companies and many private clients.

DSNM state that their ethos is built on constantly improving their service and offerings to their clients, being proactive and developing relationships that enable them to become a first choice service provider in the navigational field. With a team boasting a combined experience of 50+ years, DSNM has become a market leader within its field, so it came as no surprise when they approached us to assist with their ISO 9001 accreditation. 

Some time has passed since DSNM achieved ISO 9001 status, therefore, it was time for a surveillance audit to ensure that the practices and procedures that we helped put into place with a quality management system were still being adhered to. It's with great pleasure to announce that, with our on-going assistance, DSNM has passed their ISO 9001 audit with zero non-conformities - brilliant news! 

This is another milestone in our fantastic working relationship with DSNM who can now continue on their journey in the superyacht industry to maintain their position as market leaders.

If you require any assistance with a quality management system or with achieving ISO 9001 certification, please do not hesitate to contact NPT Management Systems today.

New Year, new business? If one of your business aims in 2019 is to achieve growth and enhance efficiency, obtaining ISO certification should be at the top of your work goals! 

By implementing a quality management system and achieving ISO accreditation, you open your business to a range of possibilities and opportunities that would not be plausible without. Such prospects include improved staff morale, enhanced business image & credibility and increased evidence for decision making.

Employees will be motivated and satisfied while working, leading to lower staff turnover rates which eliminate the need for constant re-hiring and re-training. With ISO certification, your business will stand out to others from all over the world, providing a level of marketing power that non-certified organisations do not have. A quality management system allows your business to make efficient use of evidence when making decisions, rather than relying on 'gut feeling', leading to decreased costs and areas of improvement being focused on more.

All of these things are achievable when your business becomes ISO certified, so what are you waiting for? Take a step forward with your business today! Contact us below to enquire and being your journey to obtain ISO certification in 2019!

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Sterling Defence, established in 2008, is a NATO registered organisation based in Hampshire, England that provides ‘cost-effective, timely and quality driven’ services and equipment to security and military forces across the globe. Being a respected company that works with organisations from all across the world, we helped Sterling Defence to achieve ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. This has resulted in the implementation and practise of a quality management system (QMS) that allows them to improve a range of functions across their business, as well as looking much more attractive to potential customers and clients looking to use their products and services.

As it’s been some time since Sterling Defence applied their QMS, they recently had a surveillance audit to ensure that the measures and processes that we helped them put in place were being adhered to and practised effectively. We are very proud to announce that Sterling Defence passed their audit with zero non-conformances. This has resulted in them being recommended for on-going certification – great news!

This is just another step in our on-going relationship with Sterling Defence, which will hopefully have many more in the coming years with their annual audits.

If you require any assistance with a quality management system or with achieving ISO 9001 certification, please do not hesitate to contact NPT Management Systems today.

From the whole NPT Management Systems team, we’d like to wish all of the companies and individuals that we have worked with in 2018 a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We’d like to thank you all for your continued support throughout this year, we hope you will continue to support us in 2019 and the years after. We will strive to continue providing the best support possible for all customers, old and new and hope that our relationships with all customers continue to be fruitful.

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