Talk Talk

There's been a lot of talk about online security of late. You've probably heard about the 'cyber attack' that wreaked havoc on TalkTalk's database last week, leaving customer's personal details potentially vulnerable; today, it's being reported that private customer details were, for a short while, visible to people using the Marks & Spencer website.

At the present time, it's not clear whether or not the M&S website was breached by external forces, but the TalkTalk incident alone is proof enough that information security must be a crucial concern for all modern businesses. Customer details, if held, must be held securely; failure to do this may result in a loss of trust, a loss of business, and a loss of revenue in the event of a data breach (for instance, a lot of TalkTalk customers have been frantically trying to change their phone and broadband suppliers in the wake of the attack).

In this respect, recent events all serve to highlight the importance of a robust information security management system. The global ISMS standard is ISO 27001, and working towards ISO 27001 certification is a very good way to ensure that your company's information is safe, secure, and protected at all stages by an airtight management process.

If you want to avoid a data breach of your own, we recommend that you contact NPT Management Systems today - we will help you design and implement an ISO-compliant information security management system that keeps your information (and, more importantly, that of your clients) safe from security breaches and leaks.