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Last year, we helped Southern Coating Contractors Ltd to achieve two separate certifications: ISO 9001 and NHSS19A (National Highways Sector Scheme 19A). SCC wanted an ISO 9001-compliant management system that would help them to grow the business, but they also required the HSS19A accreditation in order to carry out work on the UK's road network. As we reported last June, SCC were recommended for both accreditations after a gruelling four-day certification body audit found zero non-conformances.

Of course, the hard work doesn't end with getting certified! Last month, SCC had their first surveillance audit since achieving ISO 9001 / NHSS19A status, and once again, the NPT team were called in to assist the organisation during this process. We're pleased to reveal that the audit went very well, with no non-conformances raised once again.

We would like to offer our congratulations to SCC for this great result and we wish them the best for all future surveillance audits.

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