Back in 2016, we helped grit blasting and specialist coating company Southern Coating Contractors to implement a quality management system that met both ISO 9001 and National Highways Sector Scheme 19A requirements.

Since then, we have been assisting SCC with annual surveillance audits, and we are pleased to report that - after a site visit in Hatfield - the latest audit was completed without any non-conformances being raised.

NHSS19A Audit in Hatfield

Pictured: Neil Peattie, our Principal Consultant

What is NHSS19A?

NHSS stands for National Highways Sector Schemes, a type of management system that's specifically geared towards organisations who work on the British road network.

NHSS19A is a specific certification that covers the use of corrosion-resistant industrial coatings for ferrous metals. As mentioned above, NPT Management Systems previously helped Southern Coating Contractors to plan and implement a bespoke management system that complied with NHSS19A standards as well as meeting the requirements for ISO 9001.

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