We live in the age of information, and if you're a business owner in 2015, chances are that much of your crucial company information is stored digitally. For this reason, information security management is a key consideration for businesses of all sizes; poor information security could put entire your company in jeopardy at the drop of a hat, and a comprehensive ISMS (Information Security Management System) will help you to address and deal with any and all potential threats.

The international standard for information security management systems is ISO 27001. To achieve ISO certification for your ISMS, you'll need to do the following:

  • Plan: Carry out a risk assessment and plan how you will address any potential problems with your current information security system
  • Do: Implement your plan of action and ensure that your ISMS meets the needs of your business
  • Check: Review the efficacy of your improved ISMS and identify any areas where further improvement could be made
  • Act: Make the necessary changes to ensure that your ISMS is completely optimised

(The last two points - Check and Act - will be carried out repeatedly over time once your ISMS is in place.)

Implementing an ISO 27001-certified information security management system within your company is important if you wish to protect your business and its 'information assets'. Since information security relies on people as much as on technology, it is important that you communicate the ISMS plan throughout your entire company once it is in place, ensuring that every employee at every level knows how to keep everything as secure as possible.

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