Based in Southampton, Explosive Risk Managment Ltd provide a range of expert services to the defence, security and policing sectors. Some time ago, we at NPT Management Systems helped ERM to implement an effective quality management system (QMS) that was specifically tailored to the company's needs and processes; we then helped the company to achieve ISO 9001 certification with zero non-conformances.

We were recently asked to work with Explosive Risk Management again, since they were looking to make the transition to ISO 9001:2015 (the latest version of the international quality management standard). After much preparation and hard work, we are very pleased to announce that ERM have successfully migrated their QMS to the latest ISO standard, ensuring the continued quality of their services for years to come.

Here's what ERM's Managing Director Simon de Gruchy had to say about the service we provided:

"Neil from NPT initially provided advice and assisted in the development of our first QMS to allow us to gain ISO 9001 certification. This system served the company so well that we were able to make changes ourselves as the business evolved, maintaining our certification on annual audits.

"Recently, we engaged NPT again as we were required to transition to the new ISO 9001 standard. Neil worked with the company at short notice and on evenings/weekends to ensure that we were ready, and he worked around our existing workload and busy schedule.

"Because of this dedication and client commitment, I unhesitatingly recommend NPT Management Systems to any organisation requiring either transition services or a complete ISO system for first-time certification."

If you're based in the South of England and your organisation needs help with ISO 9001 certification, please don't hesitate to contact NPT Management Systems today.

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Back in 2016, we helped David Store Navigational Management to achieve ISO 9001 certification with zero non-conformances. The DSNM team were so impressed with the support and guidance we provided that they opted to continue their working relationship with NPT Management Systems, and since that initial success, we have been helping them to maintain and develop their quality management system over time.

Shortly before the end of last year, DSNM reached another important milestone with the help of our experienced ISO consultants: they successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015, the latest version of the ISO standard for quality management systems. Just as before, this process was completed without any non-conformances being raised.

Here's what DSNM's Fleet Director Martin Amy had to say in the wake of this latest achievement:

"It's been a pleasure working with NPT Management Systems for these past years. As our organisation has developed, so too has our ISO system with the guidance of Neil and his team. To date, both our internal and external audits have been faultless due to careful planning and direction. Our future plans encompassing growth and diversification can be actioned without fear, knowing that we have robust processes and systems in place to back us up."

We at NPT Management Systems have worked with a number of marine industry clients in Southern England, but our knowledgeable ISO 9001 experts are capable of providing a tailored consultancy service to businesses in virtually all fields and sectors. Contact us today to discuss your ISO certification needs.

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ISO 9001:2008 replaced

Looking to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification for your organisation? If so, you may be interested to learn that this is no longer the latest version of the ISO 9001 standard. In fact, it was revised two years ago and superseded by ISO 9001:2015.

What happened to ISO 9001:2008?

ISO review their globally-recognised standards every few years in order to ensure that they are reflective of the current marketplace and its latest trends and technologies. In September 2015, they published ISO 9001:2015, a new revision of their well-known ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems.

Aside from being more user-friendly and simpler to understand than its predecessor, the 2015 edition brought the structure of the ISO 9001 standard into line with other management system standards (such as ISO 14001) to enable easier synchronisation. ISO 9001:2015 also places greater focus on leadership and risk management.

What does this mean for my business?

  • If you do not yet hold ISO 9001 certification, this change simply means that you should now pursue ISO 9001:2015 certification instead of ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

  • If you are already certified under ISO 9001:2008 by a UKAS-accredited certification body, you have until the end of September 2018 to transition - if you have not migrated to ISO 9001:2015 by this time, your ISO 9001:2008 certification will become invalid. It is important to remember that it takes time to transition, so if you haven't yet started planning to transition to ISO 9001:2015, you should do so now.

Whether you are looking to migrate to ISO 9001:2015 or get your organisation certified for the first time, NPT Management Systems can help. We work with businesses of all sizes across all sectors, and we have a superb track record when it comes to ISO 9001 certification.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our expert ISO 9001 quality consultants.

Anchor Systems and NPT

Some time ago, we helped Anchor Systems (International) Ltd to overhaul their QMS (Quality Management System) and get the new, streamlined system certified to the ISO 9001 standard. Today, we are proud to announce that Anchor have successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 with zero non-conformances raised.

Anchor Systems are based in West Sussex, where they supply ground anchoring systems for all sorts of different works and applications. The Anchor team are dedicated to providing a quality service, and they were determined to attain the latest ISO 9001 standard in order to demonstrate that dedication to both existing and potential customers. NPT Management Systems helped them to achieve this by providing an expert consultation service that focused on bringing Anchor's QMS in line with the latest ISO standards as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption to the company's operations.

Here's what Anchor's Operations Director Hadley Smith had to say after his company's transition had been confirmed:

"We were very impressed when we worked with NPT Management Systems the first time around, and so we knew that Neil Peattie was the man to call when we decided to transition to ISO 9001:2015. As expected, he made the process go very smoothly, and we are very happy with the outcome: a successful transition with zero non-conformances.

"NPT Management Systems have proven that they are consistently capable of getting the job done to the very highest standard, and I would be more than happy to recommend them."

ISO 9001:2015 is the current version of the internationally-recognised ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems worldwide. If you would like to implement a compliant QMS that gets results for your business and complies with all ISO 9001:2015 requirements, please get in touch with NPT Management Systems today.


ISO 9001:2015 is the latest revision of the ISO 9001 standards. These standards are designed to assist any organisation - no matter the type or size - to administer and operate an effective quality management system. ISO 9001 focuses on the principles, goals and objectives that drive every business, to ensure that your operation is designed to meet customer requirements and expectations. The latest update takes in to account the latest trends and changes, whilst at the same time ensuring the compatibility with ISO 14001 and other modern management systems. To put it simply, ISO 9001:2015 will herald a new generation of quality management standards. 

What Does This Mean For My Business?

ISO 9001-certififed businesses will have three years to migrate their quality management system and meet the new standards. Upgrading to the new standards will help you function alongside other management systems, reducing risks and ensuring that your business is more efficient.

If you're looking to migrate your existing management system, NPT are here to help! We can help migrate your existing system and get you certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards as quick as possible, to ensure that your business is running as efficient as possible. For assistance or if you're looking more information on ISO 9001:2015, give us a call on 02380 659 867 or email - we'd be happy to assist you.